Trip down to La manga

We set off on the 14th of November as planned though we had a late start due to sleeping in and the alarm being set for a five day cycle i.e. it doesn’t ring Saturday or Sunday. We had a pretty uneventful journey down to the caravan club site at Folkstone. The weather was very bad that night a lot of rain and high winds. This site is ideally located for people making the channel crossing and they are geared up to help.
Next morning the weather was good though so we made an early start to the Eurotunnel terminal. Got there very early but we were lucky as there was an announcement of an extra train at 10.06. We managed to get on it so were an hour and a quarter in front of our scheduled 11.20 am train. Just as well as I had forgotten the hour time difference due to UK winter time. The hour and a quarter meant we could take things steady on our journey to our first overnight at a site called Campix about 30 miles outside Paris.
The Campix site is in an old quarry and we were arriving at the end of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were the only people there that night. Still the owners made us welcome and next morning we made an early start setting off just after 7am. I had bought a new Garmin satnav that I hadn’t really had time to learn. I should have done!
The satnav took me straight through Paris. A genuine nightmare speeding through the tunnels/underpasses trying to avoid the motorcycles who were lane splitting at speed then being at a stop. All in it took 3 hours to do about thirty miles. Once we got out of the sphere of Paris things settled down and I was able to get in the slow lane and do a steady 60 mph all the way to our next site called Le Clos Auroy at a location just outside Clermont Ferrand. There were a few other travellers turned up here they were I would guess like us one nighters using the site as a transit stop over..
Next morning another early start and onto the A75. The road is toll free and has some spectacular scenery as you descend off the mountains towards the coast. We had heavy fog or was it low cloud? I said toll free but it isn’t completely. There is a colossal viaduct with a peage station just before it. People who know me know I have a great fear of heights. In fact if I hadn’t developed the irrational fear I would still be a builders labourer/hod carrier instead of a retired housing manager/asset manager . Thanks to the fog that had reduced visibility to two or so car lengths I was able to drive across no problem. The stop over that evening was a site just over the Spanish border. The site is called les Pedres. As we crossed we could see massive lines of traffic waiting to get into France. We presumed due to the 13th November Paris attacks. The site we had booked was ok and next morning we had another early start to our next stopover camping Altomira at Navajas .
We arrived just around 3pm . There is a cafeteria on site. We hadn’t bothered with a cooked meal since setting off so we parked up and decided to give it a try. I expected the food to be burger and chips type stuff after all that’s what the word cafeteria conjures up. Not a bit of it it was a 3 course table d hote lunch including coffee and wine or beer for 9 euro each and it was good and in my view a bargain. Choice of 4 starters and 4 main courses.
The next day we arrived at our stop for 12 nights La Manga
Total mileage done 1562 miles
The rig has been doing around 26 to 27 mpg
Spend on fuel £61.20 in UK and euro 301.31
I set off with a gallon or so short of a full tank and topped up to full just 4km outside La manga
We may have spent over euro 120 on road tolls


Trip down to La manga

Getting ready for the Holiday

This next week Gillian and I are getting ready for our Holiday. We are going to Spain via France in our motorhome an Autotrail Dakota. First time we have been abroad in the “van” even though we have had it for 7 years or so.  Because we are taking our little Pekingese dog, Ming,  with us we have booked on the Eurotunnel  crossing from Folkestone.

Ming the Mercyless
Ming the merciless

We thought it would be quicker and easier on the little lad to go by Chunnel. As for the return crossing well we will see what happens. Going back via Calais gives concern as its been in the news a lot with problems with migrants. Even so I haven’t heard of any motorhomers having problems. We may go Caen to Portsmouth I used to use that route a lot. It takes a lot longer but the ferries are good and I think some have dog friendly cabins.

Autotrail Dakota
Autotrail Dakota
Getting ready for the Holiday