Getting ready for the Holiday

This next week Gillian and I are getting ready for our Holiday. We are going to Spain via France in our motorhome an Autotrail Dakota. First time we have been abroad in the “van” even though we have had it for 7 years or so.  Because we are taking our little Pekingese dog, Ming,  with us we have booked on the Eurotunnel  crossing from Folkestone.

Ming the Mercyless
Ming the merciless

We thought it would be quicker and easier on the little lad to go by Chunnel. As for the return crossing well we will see what happens. Going back via Calais gives concern as its been in the news a lot with problems with migrants. Even so I haven’t heard of any motorhomers having problems. We may go Caen to Portsmouth I used to use that route a lot. It takes a lot longer but the ferries are good and I think some have dog friendly cabins.

Autotrail Dakota
Autotrail Dakota
Getting ready for the Holiday

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